Fixing Stuttering Game Patches with Windows 10

Stuttering Game

There’s a problem with Windows 10 that affects gameplay and many gamers don’t know how to fix it. Stuttering games can be caused by various things, but if you have installed the Creators Update for Windows 10, then this is likely to blame. The good news is that there are several ways to solve the stuttering in your game so you can get back to playing.

Sometimes, it may be necessary to manually adjust graphics settings in order to improve game performance. To avoid future issues when playing a game, it's best to set the graphics and motion controls manually from the beginning.

There are various reasons why games might be stuttering, and it all depends on the type of game you're playing.

To improve performance in a graphics-intensive game, make sure your computer is equipped with a powerful GPU. For simulation games like Cities: Skylines, optimized RAM or CPU speed.

What is stuttering?

Stuttering Game
Cyberpunk Game Ariel View

Stuttering is when your game starts to lag and the frame rate drops. This can cause you to lose control of the character, which will make it difficult for you to play the game at all.

There are a number of things that can cause games on Windows to start lagging or even freeze up completely, low quality graphics card drivers, malware or viruses messing with memory usage, disk fragmentation from frequent use etcetera.

The Creators Update introduces some features like Game Mode (that optimizes your PC so it works better only when playing games) but also adds more background tasks into Dynamic Management Processes (DMP).

These DMP processes constantly run in the background, and they can lead to heavy IO usage if you have a lot of other processes running at the same time.

Windows uses DMP (Dynamic Management Process) applications that run processes when your system is idle. This means it’ll be using resources even when you are not playing games, which may cause frame rate dips for players with low-end video cards or CPU chipsets.

Causes of stuttering 

It's not uncommon to experience stuttering game patches with Windows. Causes of this could be anything from insufficient hard drive space, outdated drivers for your hardware or even Norton antivirus interfering with the installation process. Read on in order to find out how to fix these issues.

If you're experiencing problems while installing a game update it might be caused by something other than the download speed.

Factors such as having an old computer or inadequate RAM can lead to frequent pauses and lag when playing games.

In addition, if you have too many programs running at once (especially those that use up lots of system resources) then there'll be less power left over for gaming updates which will also cause more frequent loading screens and frame drops.

In this blog, I'll be going over the most common causes of stuttering during game updates and how to fix them.

Inadequate Hard Drive Space

This is a very simple solution which you can do on your own without any outside help; just free up some space for your games by deleting or archiving old files from other programs.

If that still isn't enough then delete the older games until there's room for all of them. It might feel like it breaks my heart but if you want smoother gameplay then you need to pay attention to storage space

Outdated Drivers

The drivers in Windows are constantly changing with each update so its important not only to keep your operating system updated , but your drivers as well.

Windows will automatically notify you when a new driver is released, so if this was the problem then just wait for it to update and get back on track.

Hardware Malfunctions

This can be difficult to diagnose without assistance from someone who knows what they're doing.

However there are some simple tests that you can try like unplugging all of the other peripherals (keyboard, mouse, speakers) or turning off any power saving settings which might cause interference in performance .

General Causes

Occurrences such as these are usually due to other programs that you might have running in the background, or even when Windows is restarting .

How to Fix Shuttring Game

The first thing you should do is download the game and install it. If the installation process fails then there might be other issues with your computer that need more attention.

The most common issue people have installing games on Windows computers is permission problems, which are usually fixed by running a program like CCleaner or Disk Cleanup Tool before downloading the game again.

If you're still experiencing difficulties after re-downloading and reinstalling the game please contact our customer service team for help troubleshooting your problem further.

Check Screen Resolution

Stuttering Game
CyberPunk Game Screen Resolution

Some players find success by lowering their resolution. Although this may cause some distortion, you should try it if your monitor cannot cope with the game's default resolution.

That will unavoidably put a strain on the graphics card, which can affect it's ability to perform other functions.

Lowering the screen resolution should be your first consideration when adjusting graphics settings.

for Fixing Stuttering Game Patches with Windows

  • Check the Screen Resolution, it could be corrupted and need to be changed.
  • Check for any incompatible software that may cause graphic problems: Desktop Manager or Display Settings.
  • Check other devices that may interfere with your computer’s performance such as a TV or monitor plugged into an HDMI input port on your PC.
  • Disconnect these from your computer before installing the driver update and see if this resolves the issue. If not, try connecting one of them back to the HDMI port after you install updates.
  • But do not connect both at once because they might conflict again. This can also happen when you switch from a TV or monitor to the PC.

Check VSync is Enable

Some people may experience problems with game patches before they are installed. This is usually caused by a Windows setting called VSync, which synchronizes the frame rate of your monitor and that of your graphics card to improve performance.

Check if this option is enabled on your PC (see first screenshot below). If it's not, enable it in the NVIDIA Control Panel or AMD Radeon Settings (see second and third screenshots respectively). Afterwards, restart the video driver application to activate this new setting.


Anti-Aliasing is a technique in computer graphics to smooth out the appearance of an object on screen by making it less jagged. Anti-aliasing was originally used as a way to get more frames per second and avoid the 'jaggies' that can appear when rendering diagonal lines.

Anti-aliasing has been around for decades, but its use really started skyrocketing with games like Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (2013) and Tomb Raider (2013).

The goal of anti-aliasing is to make these types of objects look better without having any extra impact on performance or game progression.

There are different ways we can do this depending on what type of hardware your system uses either using something called post-processing techniques or by rendering a scene multiple times with different resolutions and then adding them all together.

Anti-aliasing can also be applied to textures, which basically means that you're making the texture look less pixelated in order for it to blend more naturally into any given environment.

Texture Filtering

Stuttering Game
Valorant Game Texture Filtering Comparison

Texture filtering is a technique that can be used to reduce stuttering when playing PC games.

Regular 2D images or data become 3D objects in video games because of texture filtering. A single pixel on a render in the 3D world won’t be directly related to one pixel on its own texture map (referred to as texel).

This is because you can see the 3D model from different angles and distances.

In order to determine the color of a pixel, we inspect it on the texture and find out which spot it matches best. We then take a few samples from a reasonable area nearby (e.g., three by three) and average them together.

This is the most basic way in which texture filtering is done, and it's called bilinear filtering.

Graphics quality is enhanced when textures are filtering.So, for the most part, using lower levels will increase your FPS albeit to a lesser degree than is achievable with anti-aliasing.

Texture Filtering in the Windows Display Settings should be set at "High Quality" or else texture rendering will take longer and produce more lag.

You may also need to change this setting if you are running an older version of NVIDIA's driver with high quality antialiasing enabled, which makes textures look pixelated and blurry on newer systems such as those using Intel HD Graphics 3000 or 4000 graphics cards.

There are two main types of texture filtering techniques available for improving performance: Texture Scaling (a form of Bilinear sampling) and Mipmaps (trilinear).

Texture scaling uses less memory and is faster for texture filtering, but it can reduce the quality of textures on screen.

Mipmaps use more memory and are slower to render, but they do not leave any blurriness or pixelation.

Texture Quality

Stuttering Game
Comparison Between Texture Quality Settings In Valorant Game

Some games have a built-in Texture Quality setting, but these settings don't always work the way you want them to. For example, Texture Quality might be set to Medium by default and switching it up does not change anything in terms of performance or gameplay quality.

The game may still stutter even with Texture Quality on High because the issue is somewhere else--maybe something like an outdated graphics driver.

These issues are pretty hard to diagnose without some kind of technical analysis tools that can take your system's readings from the Registry, DLLs, and other places where they hide during typical usage (this usually requires running third party software).

It's difficult enough for us at Tech Impact when we're trying to troubleshoot Windows problems!

Reducing texture quality in games is another way to lower game stuttering. It means worse-looking graphics, but more frames per second for smoother gameplay.

Update Your Graphic Card Driver

The most common cause of Windows not installing a game patch is due to an obsolete graphic card driver. This can be fixed by updating the graphics card drivers with the latest version available from your computer’s manufacturer or through Windows update.

If you have updated other hardware, such as monitors and printers, then it may be that there are incompatible devices between these items on your network.

To fix this problem, try unplugging all unnecessary peripherals from the network before each update attempt for best results. Reinstall any peripheral if necessary after reconnecting them once more to test whether they were interfering in some way.

Turn Off All The Unnecessary Background Processes

Stuttering Game

You would be surprised how many background processes are running on your computer and this can cause all sorts of problems with applications.

Turn off every single one that you don't need to run for fixing the stuttering game patches with Windows system.

You should also close any unnecessary browser windows, stop any creative software (like Photoshop), and shut down anything else that isn't mandatory at the moment.

This will force everything into a more stable state which in turn makes it easier for programs such as Steam to work properly without having issues where they try to load content from something like Adobe Flash Player or some other application that is not currently open because we've turned them off entirely during our fix).

With these fixes, you're able to enjoy games without any stuttering or game patching errors.

Check Your Computer Internet Connection

Stuttering Game

Everyone loves gaming and it's a great outlet for stress relief. But what happens when your game starts to stutter?

Check your computer internet connection! Here are some ways you can test the bandwidth of your connections:

  • use an online speedtest tool (e.g., SpeedTest)
  • compare upload speeds with download speeds
  • see if other devices in the home have similar issues

If any of these steps points toward low bandwidth, make sure to contact Comcast or another provider about upgrading service levels.

If all else fails, try playing on a different system using WiFi vs ethernet cable or even wired over wireless via powerline adapters like Xfinity Home Gateway 1500W Outdoor Wi-Fi Extender – AC750 Dual Band Gig abit

Turn off the Computer Windows Game Bar and DVR

  1. Press the Windows key plus Q key.
  2. Search for "Game Bar and DVR" in Cortana's search engine.
  3. Select Control how Game Bar opens and recognizes your game to open the window shown directly below.
  4. Next, turn off the record game clips, screenshots and broadcast settings in the Game bar.
  5. Turn off the computer Windows Game Bar and DVR
  6. Select the Game DVR tab shown directly below.
  7. Turn off the Windows Game Bar and DVR Settings while playing a game.

The Windows 10 Creators Update has had an impact on how some gamers are able to play. Specifically, the update introduced game stuttering for participants who use these settings.

Turning off the Windows Game bar and Game DVR might reduce game stutter in Windows 10.

Turn off Intel Turbo Boost On Your Computer

There are a few reasons why Turn off Intel Turbo Boost On Your Computer so you can actually fix the problem.

The first is that Windows just doesn't know how to handle over clocking on its own, and it's not handling turbo boost properly which will cause stuttering or other problems during game patches because Windows has too many hands in the pot instead of letting your gaming rig do all of the work.

Turn off Intel Turbo Boost On Your Computer by simply going into BIOS before starting up, hitting F12 if needed (or whatever key does what), go Advanced > Performance Settings > Processor Power Management Mode for CPU Frequency Scaling.

This should solve any issues with slow downloads or patching in games after upgrading from older versions of windows like Windows XP or Windows Vista.

If you're gaming rig is still having problems, try changing the download location in Steam to a hard drive other than your system's primary one, and then once that has downloaded open up steam again and go back to where it was originally set.

  1. To access powercfg.cpl, open Run and select  OK.
  2. One option is the Change plan settings link, which opens more options.
  3. Then click on Power Options.
  4. Double-click the "Processor power management" category to expand it.
  5. Double-click the maximum processor state, as in the snapshot below.
  6. Adjust the On battery setting to 99.
  7. If you do not select the "Apply" option, and only click on "OK," you will be reverted to a previous screen.

Game stuttering can also be due to Intel Turbo Boost, which overclocks CPUs. Turning Intel Turbo Boost off will often reduce game stuttering.

Close Dynamic Tick

Close dynamic tick is the process of closing all background tasks on your computer before you start playing a game. This helps to remove any potential software conflicts and optimize system resources for running games smoothly without stutter or lag. We will show you how it's done below.

  1. Open the Applications screen and double click on Command Prompt Folder. Right-click the Start menu and select Properties then go to Shortcut tab.
  2. First, enter the following command and press CTRL+D
  3. bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes
  4. In the Command Prompt, type this line and hit Enter:
  5. bcdedit /set useplatformclock true
  6. Thereafter, enter the following line in the prompt and press return:
  7. bcdedit /set tscsyncpolicy Enhanced
  8. Type this command and press enter, "Close" then cmd.exe

Turn off the Diagnostic Policy Service

  • Turn off the Diagnostic Policy Service in Services.msc
  • Hide it from launching at startup with Startup tab Troubleshooting - Settings (Task Manager)
  • Turn off Indexing for all Drives by using Windows Search and typing indexing options
  • Turn on Disk Cleanup to clean up old temporary files, including system file fragmentation

Reduce the Graphical settings

When gamers choose a graphical setting that is too high for the PC their game is running on, it can cause stuttering in-game.

That said, reducing the graphical settings to standard or low might also eradicate at least some of the stuttering.

If you want to run the game smoothly, lower the graphical settings.

Windows games' settings include graphical options that can be tweaked.

So, that’s how players can fix game stuttering on Windows 10. The gameplay will be more fluid than before.

Share which of the solutions above has worked for you and let us know how else to improve your gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: How can I fix stuttering game patches with Windows?

Answer: The patch is loading the files it needs to run but your PC isn't able to keep up. The quickest solution would be to update your graphics drivers.

Open Device Manager, find the GPU and right click for Update Driver Software, then search automatically for updated driver software online (or manually select from a list of available drivers).

Alternatively you could try changing some settings in video card options like disabling anti-aliasing or turning Vsync off on games that need it.

Question: Is there any way I can speed this process up?

Answer: Unfortunately not. It is best to restart your PC in order for the game data files to load properly.


In this blog post we have listed all the possible solutions for fixing game patches that have been stuttering on Windows.

No matter what your PC specs are, you should be able to fix these issues by updating your graphics card drivers and applying a few tweaks in the registry settings or Group Policy Editor.

If none of these steps work then it might just be time to start looking at other platforms like macOS or Linux which seem to suffer from much less headaches when dealing with updates.

In any case, being informed is key! Hopefully, I've helped out some people who were hoping they weren't alone in their misery after going through an update for their favourite games.