ReShade PUBG Full Guide With All FAQs


There's no denying to the fact that PUBG has been the game of the decade. Those days are gone when gaming meant just video games that you can play on PCs or big gaming consoles. With the wild surge of smartphones over this decade in technology. And if you are thinking about using ReShade in PUBG, Then you must read this article.

Almost every single thing in your day to day life is revolutionizing in some way or the other. So has gaming although there have been great phone games earlier from gaming giants like EA and UbiSoft. There have been games like Pokemon Go and Temple Run that became instant global gaming sensations. But none of them could stay up for long. But by the looks of it, PUBG is here to stay for the next few years. Even if it doesn't, you have to admit that it has undoubtedly raised the bar for coming games.

Over hundreds of millions of players around the world teaming up and battling each other in the vivid maps of Shanok and Erangel. This battle royale game has become the number one choice of gamers as well as newbies. There are tonnes of pubg related content available online. There are thousands of walkthroughs to pro-level strategies, from Twitch streaming to officially conducted tournaments, and what not. So, without wasting any more time, let's get to the point-Even now and then, you miss your enemies in PUBG because you can't see them.

Almost every single PUBG player in the world will agree to this, even the Pros. You may have the best scope, the best guns, the best graphics card, an emulator and whatnot. But every once in a while, you'll be hit, and you won't even know who hit you or where it came from. However, chances are, if you ask any of the pro level players how to avoid this situation. They'd probably tell you the same solution that we are about to: Use ReShade.

What's ReShade?

ReShade enhances your graphics and offers you better visibility. It is an advanced post-processing injector for video games. Now, most people don't know what ReShade is, at least not the right one. However, it has nothing to do with your FPS, or frame rates, or game view modes. Like most people, will tell you. Now you know what it's all about. And the next time someone says you about this, tell them they are wrong.

How does ReShade work?

What ReShade does, is that it reconfigures your Graphics Card instead. In case of NVIDIA graphics cards and AMD graphics cards. It's known as Digital Vibrance and Color Saturation respectively. There's a special tool known as VibranceGUI designed particularly for ReShade. By using this you can activate these settings for not just PUBG, but any other game on your device. And then you can disable it once you're done playing.

Not only does ReShade help you get better visibility, but it also costs you a low Frame rate per second. If you want an even better solution than the above at the cost of a few FPS, then continue reading.

So, After doing this now, you can enjoy the same game with higher visibility, negligible blurring, and high-resolution graphics in the game. You can click here to watch an easy video guide to learn how you can install and configure ReShade for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Is ReShade safe?


There's been a rumor circulating lately that using ReShade isn't safe for your device, and that it can also get you banned from PUBG. But all of this is a lie. ReShade is one hundred percent safe for your device, and PlayerUnkown's have acknowledged it themselves that the tool is allowed to use, and users won't be banned for it.

How to Install ReShade?

Installing ReShade is a piece of cake. Just read and follow the steps for installation given below, and it will be up and running in no time.

  1. Open the official ReShade website.
  2. Click on the purple Download button on the homepage.
  3. Once you download the program. Install it, and click on Select game to open the ReShade Application. Once you’ve finished downloading it and click on Select game
  4. Now, Navigate to the directory of PUBG. Typically, it’s C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64
  5. Select TslGame.exe
  6. Now you have to select Direct 3D 10+.
  7. Click on "Yes" to the next two messages that pop up.
  8. Now select all those effects that you want to install into your PUBG game. Some of the best impact that is tested and we personally use and would recommend to you as well for your PUBG Reshade are Clarity, Colorfulness, LunaSharpen, and Vibrance.

Now click the OK button, and you’re ready to go!

ReShade is now installed in your machine! It's time to tweak the configurations now.

How to do PUBG ReShade Configuration:

So configuration process for ReShade on your device for PUBG  is pretty easy. Just follow all the steps below, and it will be up and running!

  1. Start PUBG.
  2. Press SHIFT + F2 to view the ReShade configuration window
  3. Click on the + symbol that's on the right side of the topmost corner of the screen. And type a name for the new preset that you want to set up.
  4. Now select the effects that you want to apply to the game by checking the box next to the name of the effect
  5. Press SHIFT + F2 to minimize the ReShade configuration window
  6. Your chosen results will now be loaded every time you start the game

Other options to improve your Visibility in PUBG

Apart from ReShade, pretty much anything else that you could do to enable better visibility. You can do it in the Game Graphics setting. And if you are laptop graphics are old and you still want to play PUBG. Then you can buy External GPU for your laptop and improve your gaming experience.

ReShade is sort of the only third person alternative that you have. But, there is a whole lot that you can do within the game itself. And it's all pretty straightforward.

All you have to do is to ensure that you keep your PUBG game optimized at all times according to your needs. And you have the best hardware and peripherals that can help you get better visibility. That could be anything, ranging from a good monitor, a gaming mouse a great mechanical gaming keyboard with backlights. Even a good gaming headphone that is well suited for the game. If you want to be a step ahead of your competitors.