How To Fix League Of Legends Not Opening Issue?

League of Legends not opening

League of Legends not opening:

Quite eponymously, League of Legends is in a league of its own when it comes to online team-based multiplayer battle arena games. Even though the pioneer profoundly influences it in the strategy-based top-down battle arena Defence of the Ancients, League of Legends has garnered a vast and loyal following over the many years of its prominence. Riot Games have developed it for the platforms of Microsoft Windows and Mac Operating System and true to their nature, they have been hugely optimized for the top tier of esports since the very popularization of the category of entertainment.

The premise of League of Legends, similar to most other online battle arena games, is to enable your team to capture and destroy an objective while battling through the ranks of the enemy team as well. In League of Legends, your online persona is represented by a ‘Champion’. In essence, it is a computer-generated 3D model whose actions can be controlled via the user's keyboard or joystick controller. In addition to the generic movement and shooting algorithms, they have been equipped with unique abilities and powers which can hinder and often destroy the opposing team from advancing in their tasks. The final goal is to get behind enemy lines and destroy the 'Nexus', which is a revered set of tombs and artifacts essential to the teams’ powers and survival. The first team to outwit their counterparts and complete the objective in a different time would be declared the winner of the battle.

Real-time combat and skill-based matchmaking, elevate the experience to a whole different level altogether. Although it doesn't follow the usual route to success of modern massively multiplayer online games, League of Legends has always continued to be a refreshing deviation from the popular first-person combat games. First-person shooter games comprise of a majority of the esports in the big league, with multiplayer shooters like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and Rainbow Six Siege being front and center of the discussion. However, strategy-based point farming and objective clearing games such as Defence of the Ancients and League of Legends also hold their own pretty effectively. Hence, it is no wonder that they have a very dedicated player and fan base comprising of both competitive and casual players of all appropriate ages.

Even though much of the attention has been given to League of Legends as a significant esports franchise, as per the consensus of any popular game, much of the player base is engaged in casual and leisurely gaming. The game’s sustained popularity is a testament to the delicate balancing act that has ensued between the competitive and casual scene since its very infancy. One of the more captivating details is the lore behind the game itself. The league of legends universe is one of the most intricate among the modern massively multiplayer games. This has been augmented and enhanced by the use of fan-service based comic books, designs, cinematics, and books as well. The introduction of these alternative media to carry forward the already comprehensive background lore has resulted in the players finding a special connection associated with the game itself, stretching its longevity to even greater heights.

Their comprehensive marketing algorithm has created a perfect appeal for both purists and progressive fans alike, and they are currently in a great situation where they have enough flexibility to chop and change the overall lore without creating a major disconnect of furor within their fan base. They have looked after their brand in an organized manner, and as a result, have been able to release new maps characters and abilities without the baggage that comes with most other story-based role-playing games. In a similar sense, the game has been able to keep up its competitive edge over many different strategies or battle-arena games and undoubtedly become one of the staples in the current market of competitive electronic sports. Recently they have released a new champion of the jungle realm ‘Lillia’, which has been received with dominantly positive reviews. It just goes on to shows that even at such an advanced juncture of the game, the players are still in favor of changes in the content and commodities, as long as it doesn’t influence the tactics and gameplay significantly. In regards to these factors, League of Legends is worlds apart from most other competitive esports.

However, one sector that is often affected by these constant promotion and upgradation shenanigans is the smoothness and mechanics of the gameplay in general. The problems are mostly related to backend game objects and coding related metadata, due to which certain game functions are limited or disabled altogether. Such technical difficulties or ‘glitches’, as more commonly known in the gaming community, can be usually fixed by introducing a few small tweaks to the system. Yet, for the limited time during which serious or deep-rooted glitches remain active, the game becomes near about unplayable. Not all glitches cause the same level of the hindrance, and in many cases, they can be just a playful oversight such as a texture bug or fallacy of level design.

In most cases, these are patched up by the developers within due time, or in many cases may also be immortalized as an inside joke within the game's universe itself. However, in some cases, the glitch or bug may have permeated more layers of the game than just its superficial frontend. It is often recorded that due to some internal causes the player may get a 'blue screen of death' or a sudden shutdown of the application altogether, and the fact the game refuses to open up again even after restarting the system is a further factor of frustration.

This is an issue that League of Legends fervently suffers from, especially during the period right after the release of new content. In most cases, this issue is caused by the improper implementation of the original content and fixed by the developers with further iterations of the game. Still, it is noteworthy to keep a track of some plausible fixes if League of Legends stops working in its totality. These fixes are described comprehensively in the section below.

A Fix to the problems related to League of Legends not opening:

The problems occurring associated with League of Legends not opening can be as minute as a corrupted shortcut file, to more in-depth issues like outdated or defective graphics drivers. It is always an advantage to know about the nooks and crannies of these quick fixes which will revive your League of Legends game in no time.

1. Launch the game from inside the file system

This is a simple fix in cases where the shortcut becomes corrupted and is unable to link into the original executable file through its hyperlink. A simple and easy way to access the game is to go into its file location by right-clicking on the shortcut icon. If this is the sole problem, then you should be able to launch the game from its original executable file in the file location.

2. Kill all other unneeded CPU-intensive processes

One of the key reasons why a game cannot run on a booted system is that there is an insufficient amount of memory left, or an inefficient distribution of CPU usage, for the League of Legends application to initiate. The best way to fix this is to manually look through the active processes and delete the primary memory-intensive services which are not essentials. An excellent example of this may be an in-depth video editing software or any other heavy-duty third party software as well. This remedy can be carried out in the following step

  • Right-click on the taskbar
  • Click on Task Manager
  • Go to the processes tab
  • Single out the processes which are unusually memory intensive and unnecessary
  • Remove these processes by selecting them and pressing delete

3. Repair and update the game client

In case you are a returning player, who hasn't touched the game for a very long time, this error, and many other errors can be fixed by merely updating, repairing or reinstalling the game client. A number of new features may have been added to the game during the time you were out of the loop, and your system may not be best optimized to accommodate these features. A simple repair/reinstall operation on the last version of the game client may solve this issue entirely.

4. Update your graphics drivers

This is one of the last fixes you should try if all the previous methods fail to produce a positive effect as improperly carrying out this procedure may cause permanent damage to your computer graphics. Your graphics device or accelerator icon can be found on the right-hand part of the taskbar, among the sound and connectivity quick links. Right-click on it and go to update drivers. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, the driver version check and upgradation should be completed automatically.

These are a few conventional methods through which you can fix the recurring problem mentioned above. Many more questions can be associated with this problem, which requires professional help to fix it. These are a few fixes that you can do by the trial-and-error method, and hopefully one of these solutions will help you recover your game.