What is KKona Emote?


What is KKona emote and why is it used?

KKona is a commonly used streaming emote and sometimes overly used in the comment section of various twitch streams.

Kkona is usually used to point to someone that may have something that orthodox Americans do or for something that is redneckish. It is also the unique twitch emote of streamer Kona.

Kona is a real streamer and hence the KKona emote features him. KKona is a pretty unique emote and people are nowadays spamming the emote in the comment section of various streams on Twitch TV.

How to use KKona emote?

Kkona became the first emote that was added to BTTV. BTTV stands for Better Twitch Television. It is mainly a browser extension that helps to enhance your Twitch experience.

It provides various emotes and is now being commonly used by many Twitch users. It has comprehensive features and the extension is really simple to use.

You need to install the BTTV extension to use the KKona emote. Else, you will just see the word Kkona written. Hence, it becomes important that you have to properly set up the extension in your browser to avoid any difficulties in using the Kkona emote.

There are some other ways too through which you can get the Kkona emote, but installing the extension is the easiest way.

There are two variants of Kkona emote that is most commonly used. One of those variants is the golden variant that you can get by just subscribing to Kona’s Twitch TV Channel. The other variant features his face more zoomed in and cropped much more.

Hence, both the Kkona emotes have a difference between them and the viewers can use any of the two emotes, which they feel is the best according to the situation.

How did KKona emote originate?

There is an interesting story behind the origin of the Kkona emote. It is said Kona, in 2018, said for the first time that the emote originated from a picture that featured him with Danielle Spencer, who is an Australian actress, singer, and songwriter.

Hence, the Kkona emote got its origin from just a picture that was taken way back. The emote features Kona’s smiling face that was cropped from an old picture and then uploaded to Twitch. Who knew that the emote would become viral one day and be used on various streaming platforms.


The Kkona emote is now widely used among Twitch's community as it is really easy to get. The fact that the emote is trending on Twitch, lures the people more and everyone wants to get their hands on the Kkona emote and use it in various contexts.

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