Best TKL Mechanical Keyboard Review

Published On: December 11, 2020 By Syed Fahim Anwer

Best Tenkeyless (TKL) Mechanical Keyboard - A Tenkeyless (TKL) is another standard keyboard that features without a numeric or number pad. The TKL mechanical keyboards are portable and available in different compact sizes. It is much easier to place them in your handbag or bag pack while moving on for a LAN party or a tournament.

They are commonly utilized by professional gamers and eSports because of its long-lasting work. These keyboards are much than membrane and dome-switch keyboards. However, it is possible to remove & also replace the keycaps. TKL mechanical keyboards are available in three different variants including consistent resistance for linear.

One variant available with an audible click (non-audible bump), and two others are tactile. These keyboards are expensive rather than the other full-size counterparts. It is worth the money to offer various high-tech features to use. Most of them will prefer to consider upgrading to the TKL (Tenkeyless) mechanical keyboard.

Importance of TKL Mechanical Keyboard

The Tenkeyless (TKL) mechanical keyboard will offer the main advantage of utilizing less desktop space to use. Rather than the normal full-size keyboards along with a numeric pad, they are portable as well. If you prefer to utilize the best keyboard for your computer or laptop, then the best option could be a TKL mechanical keyboard.

Since they are much easier to carry around and also offer good mechanical keys. It will quite comfortably fit within your standard laptop bags. An added advantage of this TKL mechanical keyboard will come with less weight. Most of them will utilize the TKL keyboard along with their laptop during travel purposes.

When compared with the normal laptop keyboard, it is more comfortable to use or type using this TKL mechanical keyboard. By using this keyboard, it is possible to place the mouse near to your body while playing games. You may require the quick mouse movement, especially when playing the fast-paced FPS games.

It will reduce your shoulder strain and make it more comfortable during your project-work or gaming sessions. Many gamers and other enthusiasts will prefer to create the best place in their computer hardware using the TKL keyboard. Some users who work on coding & typing will depend on using this TKL mechanical keyboard. It will make users more comfortable and peaceful to use.

Find below the list of the best TKL mechanical keyboard in 2021:

Best Compact TKL Keyboard

The Logitech G Pro TKL mechanical keyboard is another newer version from its earlier G Pro TKL design.

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Best Stylish and Durable TKL Keyboard

It is crafted with sturdy metal panel for longer durability.

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Best Wireless TKL Keyboard

The Ducky One 2 RGB keyboard will provide double-shot legends and PBT plastic keycaps for the respective categories with its durable types.

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Best Gaming TKL Keyboards

It comes up with light sync technology which is known to provide RGB lightning and can be personalized as a user wants.

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1. Logitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard : Review

Best Compact TKL Keyboard

  • Rock-solid reliability and easy to transport or pack for tournaments
  • Apart from standard mechanical switches, you can gain 25% faster actuation using the Romer Durable switches
  • Instantaneous keypress from your fingers to the screen
  • Durability more than 70 million key presses
  • Logitech Pro-grade TKL mechanical keyboard will provide exact specifications of using ESports athletes
  • They offer a competitive level of quiet performance, precision, and blend of speed

The Logitech G Pro TKL mechanical keyboard is another newer version from its earlier G Pro TKL design. There is no change in virtual and a small exception of swapping the key switches. It has hot-swappable & fully embraced PCB designs for changing switches types to utilize relative ease of your keyboard.

Due to its general uniformity, they can utilize any aftermarket key switch similar to the previous version. However, you can find the small difference in the switch sizes, and advisable only to utilize the switches from Logitech. They offer numerous varieties like clicky, tactile, and linear for avoiding compatibility issues.

Logitech Pro X is another most popular mechanical keyboard to provide this feature across the online marketplace. Without any doubt, this is an exciting and welcome method to get work on the newly tested design.


  • Novel concept

  • Compact design

  • You feel good key switches

  • Romer hot-swappable switches

  • Elegant & simple design
  • Light on features

2. VictSing TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard : Review

Best Stylish and Durable TKL Keyboard

  • Each key switch will offer numerous keystrokes and life span
  • Dye sublimated legends with PBT keycaps
  • Full number or numeric pad
  • Key settings and contoured frame will offer smooth movement on each key to reduce finger & hand fatigue
  • Keystroke registration requires a simple & gentle press

This keyboard will also be the right choice for you to consider because it comes up with cool metal mechanical designs. It is crafted with a sturdy metal panel which is contributing to its durability for soft if you wish to engage in intense min then this will going to hit at the top for you. Moreover, it is a wired keyboard and the user will be able to make the connections easily.

Moreover, for Rapid performance, there is a clicky blue switch available. It is also equipped with Outemuclicky blue switches which are known to offer you a rapid performance. It is A 87 key TKL Keyboard. It lets a user get access over all the keys easy. Moreover, double shot keycaps are also there which let users engage in things more efficiently.

Volume controls are available in the top right-hand side corner for controlling your music tracks. This keyboard is an efficient choice for all those who want that there must be a keyboard offering them with up to the mark performance and allow them to deal with coding things efficiently as well.

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  • Media Controls

  • Adjustable actuation point

  • Butter Topre switches will work smoothly

  • Double-shot durable keycaps

  • Unique & comfortable key switches

  • Wallet buster& Plastic chassis

3. Ducky One 2 RGB Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard : Review

Best Wireless TKL Keyboard

  • Dual-layer PCB
  • Anti-Ghosting
  • Brighter performance
  • RGB diversified light effects
  • Comfortability optimization
  • USB Type-C detachable cable
  • Reliable performance & exceptional durable
  • Prelubed stabilizers
  • Standard ANSI layout
  • The in-built mouse keys function

Apart from utilizing the Cherry MX switches, you can prefer to use the smoothest Cherry stabilizers from the Ducky keyboard. While pressing the spacebar during your typing or coding work, you can gain a tremendous impact to work. Besides the Cherry stabilizers, the stock board offers the best keycaps to use.

The Ducky One 2 RGB keyboard will provide double-shot legends and PBT plastic keycaps for the respective categories with its durable types. Keycaps of this product will long-last for numerous years and never fade away the print.

It is important to endure the best design of using this mechanical keyboard. Ducky provides an additional colourful set of keycaps for the control, space, and escape keys. During the rainy day, it is much easier to swap them.

Ducky One 2 RGB keyboard will encase only in the plastic chassis instead of using the metal back-plate. The metal front plate or the fully metal case will increase its pricing. This TKL mechanical keyboard can provide the best pricing performance, numerous great features, and a real sweet spot.


  • USB Type-C connector with detachable USB cable design

  • NKRO over USB and Macro function

  • Doubleshot keycaps POM & PBT

  • Good build quality and affordable pricing

  • Silky stabilizers

  • Plastic body

4. Logitech G915 TKL Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard : Review

Best Gaming TKL Keyboards

  • In-game macros with the help of 6 different programmable G-keys
  • Profile storage (8MB) with lighting playback and hardware macro
  • Aircraft-grade brushed & anodized aluminum frame
  • The In-game advantage using the dedicated keys

Logitech G95 is one of the best gaming keyboards and as well as the best TKL mechanical keyboard. This keyboard is known to deliver an app to the class performance with users have not expected.

Moreover, it is a light speed wireless which is quite flexible as well. It comes up with light sync technology which is known to provide RGB lightning and can be personalized as a user wants.

It comes up with 10k less design which provides more room for mouse movement and stores the USB receiver in the back of the keyboard as well.


  • Great build

  • Affordable option to consider

  • Shortcut keys and handy media

  • Profile Storage (8MB) and Arm Cortex Processor (32-bit)

  • Cable management and reversible wrist rest for pass-through USB port

  • Performance may be questioned sometimes

Best TKL Mechanical Keyboard – Buying Guide

Patterns & Lightings:
Before to start the game, most of the gamers will prefer for illuminations and dancing lights. Many mechanical keyboards will include numerous colour patterns, dancing lights, and others.

Even for typing, you can choose the best TKL mechanical keyboard to use. These keyboards will have rainbow modes, brightness levels, colored patterns space, and dedicated onboard controllers. A few of them will only include a single-light coloring mode suitable for office use or workstation usage.

Some advanced keyboards can provide PC integrated controllers or their app for syncing lights with the games and other compatible components. For enough budgets, the games are advisable to purchase the fully-synced lighting mode keyboards.

You can also find some wireless mechanical keywords available across the online marketplace. They can offer a few serious trade-offs like connection issues and poor battery life. It is still under testing the new wireless options for providing the best enhancements.

Hot-swap Switches:
Hot-swap switches are another latest features available on high-end and expensive TKL mechanical keyboards. It offers a nice bonus to break out the soldering iron without trading out the switches at a given point of time. Currently, a few mechanical keyboards can offer to utilize this feature.

Backlighting is another bonus feature that will not require coding or typing. The mechanical keyboard with backlighting will be either in a programmable RGB or a tasteful white. It might be expensive while prefer to use customizable backlighting.

When comparable with the non-mechanical keyboards, the TKL mechanical keyboard will offer the advantage of a personalizing feature. It is much easier to change a certain key’s default behavior to perform different actions.

Make use of the DIP switches placed near the keyboard’s bottom-side for changing the behavior or layout of certain keys. For instance, it is much easier to switch between Mac and Windows layouts. You can also swap the following keys:

  • Disable or Enable OS-specific keys such as Command or Windows keys
  • The Caps Lock key can work like a Ctrl key

A few other keyboards may also offer onboard programming by tapping specific keys to customize backlighting and record macros. Others will utilize the software for using backlighting, customize or remapping specific keys, and record macros.

Removable Cable:
An in-built option is always preferable to utilize a removable USB cable feature. For any cable damage, it is much easier to remove & replace the cable instead of purchasing a new one.

A few keyboards will offer the keycaps features that are made up of ABS material. It is lightweight plastic types that are shinny, smooth with heavy use, and also prone to wear.

The PBT keycaps will provide a grittier texture, develop less shine, more durable, and though less common. You can purchase a TKL mechanical keyboard to customize depending on your taste or preference.

Most of them will prefer to choose keyboards that offer numerous stylish keycap options. It is not another essential factor since a user can purchase the different keycaps separately and use with the keyboard. You can find different keycaps available across the online marketplace.

Build Quality:
While typing or coding with cheap keyboards, it may sound and feel hollow that utilizes the back-plates and plastic cases. Moreover, it may flex by pressing hard on them. It is advisable to choose the keyboard that is sturdier and made of thicker plastic or metal.

There two different frame types available and the high-profile frame will assign the keys by using a plastic case. While a low-profile frame will place the switches on the case-top. They could be an aesthetic choice and neither will perform better when compared with others.

A black keyboard is closely placed on the grey keyboard. The top-side has ABS keycaps that develop a shine and thinner, while the bottom-side PBT keys are double and thicker.

Switching Options:
Tenkeyless (TKL) mechanical switches are available in three different varieties: Clicky, Tactile, and Linear. Clicky switches are similar to the tactile switches in feel and offer click sound for matching the tactile bump.

While pressing the tactile switches, you can notice the bump sound while activating the keys. You may feel smooth while pressing the linear switches starting from bottom to the top. Cherry MX Brown keypad switches are more popular and advisable to utilize the same for a switch preference.

Tactile switches are readily available to perform quiet enough for most tasks and offices. The blue background will include two different mechanical keyboards simultaneously. The low-profile case may have floating keys and the high-profile cases are slightly inside.

TKL (Tenkeyless) mechanical keyboards will have the entire other keys apart from the numeric pad keys. This smaller keyboard will assist to place the mouse nearer to your body for reducing your back, neck, and shoulders pain.

You can also find the full-size keyboards available with the number pad for the frequent users. Many people are convenient to utilize the TKL keyboard and occasionally use the standalone number pad.

Some smaller keyboards are available for typical & frequent using keys. It is not ideal for a few people and they prefer to utilize the compact keyboards.

Thus, being the one who does not wish to compromise with any of the factors consider all of them we have provided above so that there will be no problem considering the activity of the keyboard you are having.


Tenkeyless (TKL) mechanical keyboards are much easier to use and also compact. Without the numeric or number pad, users can gain more space with advantages on their desktop. You can have more space to place your mouse along with a lightweight keyboard for secure packing, safe, and portable.

TKL is another perfect mechanical keyboard utilized by everyone using the full-size keyboard’s functionality and features. Users will prefer to utilize this easier and compact keyboard for access. The keyboard size is more important and also depends on your working process with the device.

There are numerous best TKL mechanical keyboards available across the online marketplace for use.When you are moving head to [purchase the TKL keyboard then these are the best ones for you to choose.

All you need to do is just go through all the specifications and get an idea which one will be going to fulfil your requirement. It is a suggestion that checks on to each and everything in detail to get the results as you ever wanted and want that it must be an effective choice for you.

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