Best Ram For Ryzen 2700x [Top 7 List] In 2021

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB RAM
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB RAM
  • Supports Intel XMP 2.0
  • Strong signal quality and stability
  • Hand-sorted memory chips
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    best value
    Corsair Vengeance 16GB Pro RGB
    Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB (2x8GB)
  • Dynamic Multi-Zone RGB Lighting
  • Tightly Screened Memory
  • Custom Performance PCB
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    G.Skill FlareX CL14 3200 MHz 16GB RAM
    G.Skill FlareX CL14 3200 MHz 16GB RAM
  • Faster Transfer Speed
  • Designed for AMD Ryzen processor
  • Cas Latency 14
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    Best Ram for Ryzen 2700x 2021 Reviews:

    AMD Ryzen 2700x is the most popular and the best processors to utilize across the online marketplace. With amazing pricing, you can get a high-quality cooler and amazing performance, especially after launching the third generation of AMD Ryzen processor.

    To achieve the maximum CPU performance, it is important to utilize the perfect RAM for unleashing its power. However, it is difficult sometimes to select the best RAM for Ryzen 2700x processor. There are numerous important things to consider identifying the difference in timings to clock speeds.

    Best RAM for Ryzen 2700x In 2021

    Find below the list of the best RAM for Ryzen 2700x processor available across the online marketplace for your reference:

    1. Corsair Vengeance 16GB Pro RGB

    Corsair CMW16GX4M2C3200C14 Vengeance 16GB Pro RGB


    • Aluminum Heat spreader
    • Memorize, Synchronize, and Visualize
    • Tight response times
    • Maximum bandwidth
    • Tightly screened memory
    • PCB Custom Performance
    • Next-generation program or software
    • Multi-zone dynamic RGB lighting

    Corsair product will enhance your life with the help of its speedy and fastest RAMs. The latest model from Corsair is the Vengeance 16GB RGB Pro version. The Corsair CMW16GX4M2C3200C14 Vengeance 16GB Pro RGB will provide the best access in gaming. The device can easily handle high-speed eSports and large over-clocking.

    You can gain an easier connection with the motherboard for providing the system with strain-free memory and over-clocking speed at 3200MHz. No system configure essential for installing the Corsair wireless 16GB RAM. You can run the system just by connecting within the memory slots.

    Beautiful LEDs are perfectly installed on the RAM body for a colorful gaming experience and syncing bulging. There are available in 4 different colors, and each color section with customizable lighting. LEDs can synchronize appropriately with the Light Link.

    RGB Pro RAM is properly secure using a tight screen memory for lesser signal leakage and maximum bandwidth during conduction. Corsair 16GB Pro, the iCUE next-generation program for maintaining microcontroller functions and memory registers. It will properly sync and align with the entire system and as well as the motherboard.

    This PCB product will utilize the ten layers for placing the heat dissipation system carefully. The special aluminum heat spreaders will exhaust the heat and cool down the RAM for better-overclocking performance.

    For longer intervals, the gamers may screen carefully with ICs to get a better over-clocking experience. DDR4 16GB RGB Pro RAM will offer free lifetime and complete warranty. If the product is broken or defective, then Amazon will provide a money-back guarantee for 30 days.


    • It is installed with a heat spreader and next-generation software.
    • Numerous color options are available.
    •  This product is compatible with numerous ranges of motherboards.
    •  DDR4 compatibility.
    •  High-frequency endurance.


    • This product may not fit some systems and memory slots properly.
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    2. Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB Kit (2x4GB) RAM

    Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB Kit (2x4GB) RAM


    •  100% reliable factory tested product
    • Tested uniquely with the entire popular motherboards brands
    •  It is much easier to install the Plug & Play functionality
    •  Free technical support and guarantee lifetime warranty
    •  Automatic over-clocking feature
    •  It is compatible with AMD & Intel platforms
    •  Stylish heat dissipation and asymmetric heat spreader

    Kingston HyperX 8GB RAM will offer the best solution to fulfill your gaming requirements. The sturdy & fast with maximum over-clocking 8GB RAM capacity is available for furious multi-tasking and high-speed gaming. The beautifully carved PCB, along with the sleek heat spreader, is ideal for heavy gaming without other system malfunctions or overheating.

    The Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB RAMs will offer a long-lasting life rather than other models. It is another best DDR3 module to provide better memory utilization and power system management. For installing the Kingston Fury 8GB kit, it is not essential for any additional adjustment or program to the BIOS.

    You can find numerous color options and choose the same to match your motherboard. Kingston HyperX 8GB RAM kit is compatible with the entire AMD and Intel motherboards.

    They can exclusively collaborate with the eSports and HyperX brands to offer the best gaming systems to use. This RAM's over-clocking range may vary from 1300 MHz up to 1866 MHz by installing at instant frequency attainment. This Fury RAM kit is correctly tested on various motherboards to eliminate any malfunctions before launching the kit.

    The LAN-ready memory kit has a host system & intelligent recognition feature, maximum bandwidth, and tight screening. For the entire HyperX products, you can receive lifetime technical support along with a complete product warranty.


    • It supports numerous AMD & Intel motherboards.
    • Customer support & Lifetime warranty.
    •  This product is available in various colors ranges.
    •  Automatic overclocking function.


    • Expensive product and not compatible to utilize with DDR4 RAM modules.
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    3. Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM

    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM


    •  3200 MHz Memory Speed
    • 16 GB Memory Size
    •  DDR4 SDRAM Memory Technology
    •  1.35V Memory Voltage
    •  2x8GB Memory modules
    •  288 pins per module package
    •  2133 MHz SPD speed
    •  Anodized Aluminum Heat Spreader
    •  Vengeance LPX memory design

    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 RAM will work much better with numerous AMD & Intel motherboards. It is perfect for the heavy Corsair over-clocking and extreme gaming. The Aluminum heat spreader system will exhaust more heat from the RAM in lesser time. PCB, with an 8-layer superior design, will offer more protection for overheating and bursts. This DDR4 LPX RAM is compatible with numerous popular Intel motherboards and as well as AMD series.

    Dual RAM ability is made using an efficient body and high-quality head enduring. The next-generation motherboard will effectively utilize the completely wireless model. You can gain the best clocking speed of 2133 MHz to handle the best capacity. XMP 2.0 support will provide effortless over-clocking, automatic, reliable, and fast operation.

    Tightly screened memory from this special design RAM to utilize for high-end gaming or lesser space. Apart from the DDR3 series, they offer low power consumption, bandwidth, and greater signal strength. Before launching within the marketplace, you can find that the entire products should go through the Corsair Tests. Amazon will also cover the hassle-free money-back guarantee for 30 days.

    If the product is broken or defective, then make use of the vendor insurance for coverage. The memory kit is based on the C16 structure with the DRAM technology and 3200 MHZ and good memory speed using the 16GB (2x8GB) RAM. For your convenience, you can match the motherboard by choosing from the available eight different colors.


    • It is an excellent option for extreme gaming.
    • They are compatible with Intel & AMD Series motherboards.
    •  Compact & Wireless.
    •  DRAM Technology at 3200 MHz.
    •  High-speed and efficient memory processing.


    • May not properly fit with your motherboard slot and Outdated design.
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    4. Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB (2x8GB)

    Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB (2x8GB)


    • PCB Custom Performance
    • Wires are not required
    • Adjustable LED brightness and adjustable Colors
    • RGB Lights and Synchronize
    • Memorize and Visualize
    • Corsair Powerful iCUE program or software
    • DDR4 SDRAM Memory Technology
    • 3200 MHz Memory Speed
    • 2x8GB Modules
    • 16GB Memory Size

    Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO lighting RAM will offer dependable and fast. The special design with an excellent finish and Corsair Vengeance strong PRO RGB 16GB frame with quality silicon base. The hardware & software are exclusively brilliant with the creation of over-clocking.

    An Overheating protection mechanism will work perfectly at higher frequencies and over-clocking modes. It has two 2 x 8GB slots and embedded 10 LED lights on each RAM slot. During operation, it can perfectly balance the lighting and as well as synchronization. It has a wide range of compatible models like AMD series, Intel X299, and even other series.

    The wireless memory without cables will provide hassle-free installation and can move freely. iCUE is the flawless and powerful software already installed on your PRO RGB RAM. Automatic lighting sync with a multi-performance program will assist the system components for your gaming setup. It can match perfectly with your fans, memory, mice, and keyboards. Apart from overlap, you can relax and feel better with its tight response time.

    The formidable over-clocking performance is ideal for AMD and the entire DDR4 motherboards. Bandwidth speed is excellent for heavy performing tasks and gaming. The PCB and structuring are designed with efficiency and care for handling the RAM's whole memory stack process. Tightly screened ICs are utilized for extending the over-clocking procedures. It can cools faster and improve thermal conductivity during the over-clock process and works with the best CPU cooling fan.


    •  iCUE Embedded program or software.
    • System will properly sync with the lighting.
    • Wireless operation.
    • Efficient and effective DDR4 technology.
    • High speed of memory clock.


    •  Memory space is less.
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    5. G.Skill TridentZ RGB RAM

    G.Skill TridentZ RGB RAM


    • RGB with a full range of support
    • Disclose your inner colors
    • Over-clocking with the help of Trident Z
    • Exceptionally Engineered for both Intel and AMD based platforms
    • 288 pins per module
    • PC4 25600
    • Memory speed at 3200 MHz
    • Vibrant RGB LEDs with its unique heat-sink design
    • CL16 Timings at 1.35V
    • Matched modules 2x8GB
    • 16GB DDR4 kit
    • Trident Z RGB Series

    With G.Skill memory modules' usage, the all-new TridentZ RGB RAM is another best option to utilize. It is a vintage and classic RAM with a superior design for AMD Ryzen 2700x processor.

    It is the first memory module within the industry for including RGB lighting within the chip directly. TridentZ RGB RAM will offer the best flavors of speeds starting from 2400 MHz up to a maximum of 4600MHz.

    However, just remember that the speed above 3200MHz will cause various problems with your Ryzen 2700x machine. Depending on the chips, the latency may also vary across the motherboard from 14ms up to 16ms.


    • Across the board with low latency.
    • Numerous options to choose your speed.
    • Compatible with numerous RGB set-ups.
    • Awesome looking RGB lighting.


    • It is not always great with compatibility.
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    6. G.Skill FlareX CL14 3200 MHz 16GB RAM

    G.Skill FlareX CL14 3200 MHz 16GB RAM


    •  Experience Performance
    • Faster Transfer Speed
    • Design for perfect AMD platforms
    • Renowned AMD Performance Series
    • Ryzen processor with enabling XMP support
    • 14 CAS Latency
    • PC4 25600 – DDR4 3200MHz

    The G.Skill FlareX 16GB RAM modules are available across the online marketplace from the initial stage of Ryzen processors. It offers the best synonymous quality within the AMD world. Ryzen systems with a special design to provide 14ms low latency and 3200 MHz fast speed.

    They offer compatibility and optimized performance. This kit includes 2 x 8 GB (16GB) and allows utilizing different sizes and different clock speeds. There won’t be any flashy LEDs and available in numerous color variants. G.Skill FlareX RAM will offer the best heat dissipation and reliable memory for the over-clocking function.


    • This RAM is designed especially for Ryzen PCs.
    • Only 14ms low latency.
    • 3200 MHz high clock speed.


    •  Quiet expensive and no fancy LEDs.
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    7. Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB RAM

    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB RAM


    • It is much easier to match your system
    • Aluminum Heat Spreader
    • It supports XMP 2.0 version
    • This product is compatible with Intel and AMD processors
    • Heat spreader & low profile design
    • Compatibility and Performance
    • 2133 MHz SPD Speed and looking with great design
    • High-performance over-clocking design

    This Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM is successful in clearing the entire 100 motherboard series. The compatibility is proven even under the rigorous process and testing. PCB with eight-layer is utilized to create Corsair Vengeance’s every module and also highly-screened ICs.

    The unique design of the heat spreader will exhaust the maximum heat produced from the ICs. Automatic adjustment on LPX DRAM without lockups to provide reliable performance and fastest speed. This RAM compact size will make it a perfect choice for congested internal spaces and small cases.

    You can easily match your motherboard by choosing from the numerous available vibrant colors. Vengeance memory modules will cool down with the custom engineering & reliable cooling system of its unique Vengeance memory.


    • This product is available in numerous color ranges to choose from.
    • This aesthetic RAM will offer a unique design and low profile.
    • It includes fan speed reduction cable, Vengeance Airflow cooling, and mounting accessory.
    • Front printed image with an attractive and excellent cardboard packing.
    • The product includes a Vengeance Airflow system to use.


    •  Limited manual over-clocking.
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    Best RAM for Ryzen 2700X – Buying Guide

    There are numerous important things to consider while purchasing the best RAM for Ryzen 2700x processor. A few of them are listed below for your reference:

    32GB RAM vs. 16GB RAM

    Within the best RAM for Ryzen 2700x processor, both 32GB and 16GB RAM are listed. It is a little bit of confusion about choosing a safe bet. They both produce efficient picture quality and provide higher flame time. You can choose the reliable 16GB RAM for any average gamer to utilize fast gameplay and numerous space. It should be affordable rather than the 32GB RAM.

    However, for the long-term to work on a video editing process, then you must choose a reliable RAM capacity. In this case, it is advisable to choose 32GB RAM for better motion. It can also offer superior quality along with its significant size software.


    First, you should identify the DDR slot on your system’s motherboard for selecting the right interface. DRAM classification depends on its utilization interface. Any motherboard that includes a DDR3 slot may not be compatible or support the DDR2 RAM stick.

    Memory type

    The memory type is another important factor to consider while choosing the best RAM. Some of the memory types are DDR4, DDR3, and DDR2, which are utilized for gaming and video editing purposes. The DDR4 memory type is the fastest memory to transfer the information at a higher speed. Ensure that you check its compatibility and memory type before purchasing the best RAM.


    Low-frequency RAM connected with the motherboard and similar minimum frequency will damage the entire components. You must choose the RAM with higher or similar frequencies to your motherboard to deliver the design results and work perfectly.

    Dual or Single Channel

    Channels count will consider the paths count for RAM to offer effective communication to the memory controller. Dual-channel will offer two sticks, while single-channel can offer only one if the channel capacity is better than if you can expand the better RAM capability to enhance performance and bandwidth. Apart from the Single-channel RAM, it is advisable to utilize the dual-channel RAM. However, you can find significant changes in the pricing as well.

    Clock Speed

    Clock speed is another best indicator to notify the better RAM performance. A Higher clock speed can offer better RAM performance to work faster and optimize the processor functionality. It is enough to utilize the 3000 MHz clock speed to have gaming fun. Some RAMs are available with 3200MHz clocking speed across the online market for high-end professional use.

    RAM Amount

    The RAM amount for your system may range, starting from 4GB up to a maximum of 32GB. If you are performing multi-tasking work, then you can gain smooth functioning by getting a higher RAM account. However, both Laptop RAM and PC RAM are entirely different from each other. You can easily contribute better performance to your computer by including extra RAM.

    Memory Compatibility – Ryzen 2700x

    There are some important factors to consider while purchasing the best RAM for your AMD Ryzen 2700x processer PC. The Ryzen 2700x processer is compatible with the dual-channel memory configurations. Two different memory sticks are cards that must be connected to the PC motherboard. It is another excellent bandwidth and also extra consideration while buying the RAM.

    Officially, the Ryzen 2700x processer will support RAM with 2933 MHz (maximum) clock speeds. It is above that then it may technically over-clock your system or PC. It may sound weird, but it works fine without any issues with a maximum of 3200 MHz clock speeds.

    Importance of RAM

    RAM is also a short term memory and known as Random Access Memory. It will track the entire data and programs you are utilizing on your computer at a particular time. If you are using better RAM, then your computer performance will be better. If you prefer to extend the RAM size on your system, it could be confusing to choose from.

    For smooth and breezy operations, it is equally crucial to consider the processor’s components. Most of the gaming PC performance will play an important role by choosing the best memory type. It stores quickly and instantly retrieve the complete information to provide seamless gameplay. Most of the PCs running speed will depend only on the perfect RAM capacity.

    It may help you a lot while processing the video and photo editing. It is not a game to select the best RAM for your Ryzen 2700x processers from the online marketplace. With the help of the Ryzen 2700x processor, users will engage to perform the highest multiprocessing tasks. Smoother operations will require the best performances by using the appropriate RAM.


    It is always appreciable for the way AMD utilizes to create their RAM speeds. It is one of the most important factors to consider achieving excellent performance within any situation. However, it can ensure better performance by using the memory kits with the Ryzen processor. The clock speed of 3200 MHz will be the best option for your AMD Ryzen 2700x processor. It is advisable to choose the slower money with affordable pricing instead of purchasing fast RAM with low latencies. The system purpose and workloads will play the most determination role for the requirement of your PC’s RAM type. Tight timings and faster RAM will improve the CPU-intensive tasks and memory bandwidth dependent.