10 Best Gaming Setup For 2021

best gaming setup

10 Best Gaming Setup

Nowadays, gamers have started building their own best gaming setup instead of playing on gaming consoles. The gaming consoles cannot deliver the performance that a customized PC can provide, and my most favorite thing about PCs is that they are entirely customizable. Every component of a PC can be chosen according to our needs. From memory size to the color of the case fan, everything can be customized as per your liking. Whatever that you can imagine for your PC, you can do it with your PC.

Pro-gamers do not always know what is best for them and keep on scrolling the products for hours and hours and still cannot decide what to buy, because of the large variety of every PC component. Every part of the computer is hand-picked by the user to make sure that the component meets the requirements. Here are a few things to consider while building your dream PC.

  • Management of the cables.
    If you want your PC to look good on the table, then you need to think about the lengthy cables of all the components which lie on the table, entangled.
  • Get limited items.
    We prefer a minimalistic approach while building a PC because limited items on the table make it look good. Choose throat essential parts and cut off all the necessary components.
  • Purpose.
    Before building a PC, decide the purpose of the PC because it will determine a lot of things, from features of the components to the size of the parts. If you want a gaming setup, things will be different, and if you want a professional installation, the elements will change accordingly.
  • Type
    Determine the type of the PC; you want to see. Do you want a fancy and colorful PC, with all kinds of RGB lights and transparent cases, or do you want a simplistic PC with a single color theme? Choose first and only then start building your PC.
  • Budget
    There is no such thing as a budget while building a PC because it can go as high as you want it to go. You can create an entire PC within the price of a high-end monitor, and you can also spend a fortune on making your PC. Check your bank balance first, and then decide how much you can spend on the PC.

If you are finding it very difficult to make the best gaming setup, then you can just get a setup inspired by someone whose PC you like. There are many gamers and other professionals who regularly upload the PC setups that they use for gaming or other works. Follow them, and regularly check their setups, get inspired. Choose the build which suits your needs. There are almost infinite types of PC configurations to choose from; you will get one for yourself for sure.

We have been looking at numerous best gaming setup, which has been uploaded on /r/Battlestations for years. All these setups are listed with all the details and specifications. You might get the perfect setup that will suit your requirements. Once you get your PC done, we would love to see your setup, upload your setup with little details on r/Battlestations.

Given below are a few of the best gaming setups for 2020:

1.R0BERTS0NS's "Aurora Delta"

R0BERTS0NS's Aurora Delta

It is a fantastic dual-monitor setup, with an attractive design and perfect components. Let's go through its specifications, first,

Razer Ornata Chroma Wired Gaming
Razer Naga Hex VR Wired Laser

Astro A50 + Base Station XB1 7.1 Channel Headphones.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM 64-bit.
TP-Link TL-WN881ND PCIe x1 802.11b/g/n.
Ensourced 24 Pin And 8+6 PCIe Paracord Extension Cables.

The dual-monitor PC setup is excellent for your table look and also makes your visual experience better. This setup is a compelling setup with all kinds of features. It is best for pro-gamers, who want the bat for their gaming. The CPU, Ryzen 9 3900x, makes it a serious gaming machine. You can enjoy the game in 4k with almost any LG monitor. The pink RGB lights will help you to get the best look of your PC setup. It is a fantastic combination of style and power.

There is not a little space for up-gradation because the PC is so perfect in every aspect. The only thing that you can improve is the RAM; you can add a 64GB RAM, which is of no use; hence this PC setup is the closest you can get to perfection.

2.RGB Heaven’ by /u/willostyllos

RGB Heaven’ by /u/willostyllos

If you love to build a PC full of different colors and lights, this is the best option for you. As the name suggests, it is full of RGB lights. It also has Nanoleaf wall lighting, which goes well along with the RGB lights. It is a dual-monitor setup with one monitor placed vertically and the other placed horizontally.

Here are the list components used in this PC,

  • PC case - Fractal Design Meshify C. As this an RGB setup, the PC case has to be a transparent one. Fractal Design Meshify C is one of the best PC cases available in the market right now when it comes to RGB PC setups. It is black on the top and utterly transparent on either side. You can see everything that is in the case from the outside.
  • Monitors - MSI Optix G27C2. The setup is a dual-monitor setup; both monitors are MSI Optix G27C2. One monitor is arranged vertically and other horizontally for a holistic vision of the game. MSI has been one of the most dominant brands when it comes to high-quality monitors. It is an LCD with a 1080 resolution. It comes with an amazingly fast refresh rate of 144 Hz.
  • Monitor arms - VIVO Dual Monitor Stand. As the setup is a permanent one, the monitors have to be fixed in a position so that they do not wander on the table. VIVO Dual Monitor Stand is an excellent stand to set the monitors on the wall.
  • Desk - Acacia wood countertop (Pre-oiled) + Ikea ALEX Drawer unit. It is a high-end desk for your high-end computer. It comes pre-oiled for the glossy look. A full wooden table implements the drawer unit with a shiny and polished look.
  • Keyboard - Ducky One 2 Mini((w/ Aluminum case & GMK Karksel keycaps). It is a fancy keyboard with backlit keys and durable plastic material. The RGB lights vacant be customized according to the user. The key caps will make it look even better.
  • Speakers - Logitech G560
  • Wall lights - Nanoleaf (Set of 9).

If you want to add few things to the PC setup, then you can add one more monitor to complete the view in every aspect, or you can set the two monitors in the center, aligned with each other to look good and perform better. Speakers can be changed if you prefer better bass capacity for the speakers. All in all, if you want a fancy glittering setup, then you can go for this setup without hesitating.

3. Jase33's "Rapture"


It is a simplistic but high-end computer with top-notch products. It has all kinds of components, from a simple monitor to a fancy case. It has a single screen set up with RGB case lights, which adds to the looks of the computer. It is a mid-range computer setup, which is going to cost you a few thousands of dollars at least, but the power they will get for this price is just enormous. Let's talk about the components used in this setup.

It is an expensive but powerful machine for pro-gamers. From RAM to CPU, everything is perfect for gaming and gives excellent performance. The ultra-wide monitor, along with LED lights, will provide you with amazing visuals of the game. The PSU is quiet and does not make any unnecessary noise that would disturb you.

The case needs to be customized to fit the cooling system, so if you do not want to do anything apart from buying, you can look for another case.

4. Ryo642


If you want a classy and elegant computer setup for gaming, Ryo642 is the right choice. It is a comparatively adorable setup with excellent performance in gaming. It has a mighty CPU, High-resolution screen, and everything else. It has a simple white desk with a minimalistic design and a simple white case. There is a little shelf on the wall over the table to arrange your games. Let's talk about the components of the setup.

  • CPU - Intel Core i7-4790K. A powerful processor represents a powerful machine. It is a quad-core processor with a clock speed of 4Ghz and a turbo speed of 4.4 GHz. The design is thermal-efficient. Overall it is an excellent processor.
  • GPU - EVGA GTX 980 Ti SC+. It is a good choice for a pro-gaming setup. It comes with a base clock of 2816 MHz and a boost clock of 1102 MHz. It consumes comparatively less power than other such products. It is best for fast-paced games that require fast memory flow.
  • Monitor - Dell UltraSharp U2515H. It is an ultra-widescreen monitor with a QHD display. It has a maximum resolution of 2560×1440.
  • RAM - HyperX Fury.
  • Keyboard - Logitech G610.
  • Mouse - Logitech MX Master.
  • Speakers - Logitech Z623.
  • CPU cooler - Corsair H100iGT.
  • Case - NZXT H710i.
  • Storage - Samsung SSD 850 EVO.

It is best for someone who wants a simplistic desk with a plain design. This setup combines multiple high-end computer components, which come top-secret to provide you with an excellent gaming experience with a soothing look of the desk. This minimalistic setup makes things easier for you, like arranging stuff on the table and using it. It also saves you a few pennies from here and there. The case is transparent from one side, which helps you to make it look good by adding a few RGB components to the CPU.

If you want to take this setup a step further, you can upgrade the RAM or the storage. More extensive storage is always a better option, and a faster RAM never hurts anyone. There is always a little space for upgrades; you need to find the gaps which you need to fill and upgrade the specific parts in the already perfect setup.

5. ItsMill0w


It is an enormous computer set up with a total of five monitors that get together to make a gigantic gaming screen. It is based on the naruto theme, which is a kind of favorite of gamers all around. It's all red and black in this setup. It is a darkroom setup, which means that the colors are going to be brighter than you thought. The red and black theme is continued in every component from screen to mouse. There is a red lamp arranged on the desk to make it look even more beautiful and to match the theme.

Given below are the components and their specification.

  • CPU - Intel i7 4790k. It is a gaming-oriented processor with fast overclocking and even faster data transfers. It runs at a frequency of 4 GHz and has a dual-channel memory system. It is power efficient and perfect for pro-gamers.
  • GPU - MSI 980 4GB. It is a satisfying product in such a powerful machine setup. It has a decent overclocking speed and a 4 GB GDDR5. It will bring the best out of every game that you play.
  • Monitor(s) - ASUS 24” and AOC 22”. There are two of the ASUS 24” monitors and three of the AOC 22” monitors. The setup is the limit of multi-screen gaming. To be true, there is no space for going further from these many screens. The monitors are QHD displays with high resolutions.
  • RAM - Corsair Vengeance. It is a dual-channel RAM with 16GB (2 x 8GB) memory. It runs at a speed of 3200 MHz, which is sufficient to run almost all the games without any problem. It comes with a timing pattern of 16-18-18-36.
  • Keyboard - Corsair K70. It comes with backlit keys set in red color.
  • Mouse - Logitech G900 Wireless Mouse.
  • CPU cooler - M9A Cryorig CPU Cooler.
  • Case - NZXT S340.
  • Mousepad - Corsair MM800.
  • Headphones - Audio Technica m50x.
  • Lamp - Salt lamp

This setup might seem extreme to some people, but it is an excellent experiment to arrange five monitors in a single setup. All the machines are powerful and complement each other and bring the best out of each other. Every component follows the theme, from the monitor to the mousepad, which is red and black. The keyboard comes with red-backlit keys, the mouse has a red light, and the wallpaper of all the five monitors are arranged to look like the naruto.

There is nothing in particular that can be improved in this setup because it is almost perfect in every aspect. The machines are best in class and the monitors make a gigantic screen for the best gaming experience.

6. Gochiararia's "Awesome Budget NZXT H200"


If you are looking for a budget-friendly computer setup, Gochiararia's "Awesome Budget NZXT H200" is an excellent choice to go for. It falls in the mid-range but gives a fantastic gaming experience. It is a single screen setup with a large screen. It is a fancy setup with all kinds of colorful RGB lights in the case and outside. The keyboard has customizable RGB lights, which can be customized in zones and individually. The components used in this setup are mentioned below.

If you want to save some money and still get a fair gaming experience, you should go for Gochiararia's "Awesome Budget NZXT H200". It will cost you under a thousand dollars. Hence it is an affordable choice considering all the high-end components that are used in this setup. The RAM will easily support every high-end game with tons of requirements.

If you want to make some significant changes in this setup, you can go for a better GPU, like EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Gaming or anything else that you like. Otherwise, it is a perfect setup for gaming.

7. C.Valk


If you have a lot of space in your table, C.Valk is an excellent option to go for. It is based on a space theme, and everything is chosen accordingly. It is a dual-monitor screen with two large monitors. It is full of blue-colored LEDs on the keyboard, mouse, and the case. It is a high-end setup and might add up to over a thousand dollars in expenses. All the components used are of excellent quality and are perfect for professional gaming.

The components used in this setup are mentioned below.

  • CPU - Intel I5-6600. It is an excellent gaming processor with a high-frequency data flow. It runs at a frequency of 3.3 GHz and has a maximum boost frequency of 3.9 GHz. It is made for hardcore gamers.
  • Monitors - Dell U2715H and Dell U2415. In this dual-monitor setup, there is one 24-inch monitor with a QHD display and one 27-inch display of the same quality. The larger screen is kept in the front, and the other screen is kept on the side.
  • GPU - Gigabyte Xtreme GTX 1070. It is an efficient GPU with an overclocking speed of 1670 Mhz, and a boost overclock frequency of 1898 Mhz. It is built on the Pascal architecture. The memory flows at a rate of 8.316 Gbps. It comes with a 256-bit memory interface.
  • RAM - Corsair LED. As the name suggests, the RAM stick comes with RGB lights, which can be customized accordingly. The RAM stick will shine from the outside of the transparent case.
  • CPU cooler - Corsair H80i V2. It is an excellent cooler with high RPM rates and high displacement speed.
  • Keyboard - Corsair STRAFE RGB. The keyboard comes with backlit keys. The color is space blue, which is to match with the space theme of the setup.
  • Mouse - Logitech G502. The mouse also matches the space theme and comes with a blue-colored LED light inside it.
  • Speakers - Logitech G502. For additional sound and a better experience.
  • Headphones - Sennheiser HD700. One of the best headphones available in the market.
  • Mousepad - Corsair Extended.
  • RGB lights.

This setup is almost perfect in itself. All components used in this setup complement each other and bring the best out of each other. The case is partially transparent, which helps in getting a view of the colorful RGB lights of the RAM and other parts. All the RGB lights mat h and together make a space-themed PC setup. It is primarily a low light setup with high brightness. The screen is anti-flicker, which will save your eyes from any damage. For gamers who are ready to spend a lot of money on a computer setup, this is almost a perfect choice.

8. Wh1ppet's "Goliath."

Wh1ppet's Goliath

It is a minimalistic computer setup with all kinds of RGB lights. It is quite an advanced setup for a 10-year-old guy. It is a single screen setup with a large screen monitor. The case is transparent hence showcases all the RGB lights that lie inside the case. There is no specific theme for this setup, but it is a colorful setup and is beautiful. It is a beginner level gaming setup. I wish I had the same setup when I was ten years old. All the computer parts used in this setup are given below.

9. ‘Neon Rider’ by /u/RelodeBell

‘Neon Rider’ by /u/RelodeBell is a fancy setup with neon lights all around. The case used is a glass-case for the RGB lights to shine. It looks fabulous from the outside and provides an excellent performance.

If you want a simplistic setup, this one's not for you. It is full of colors and flashy lights. It is a dual-monitor setup, one monitor is vertical, and the other is horizontal. The keyboard has backlit keys with neon colors. Components and their specifications are mentioned below.

With all the flashy lights, this setup will blow your mind while playing games in lowlight rooms. All the neon lights come together to make it look like some machine from the movie 'matrix.' The Steelseries QcK mousepad also has RGB lights on its edges, which makes it a part of the setup.

There is only a little space for improvement in this setup, which is the storage. It has a 500 Gb storage device, which might be less for many gamers; you can get a 1TB or more massive storage. Everything else is perfect, in looks and performance.

10. New Hangout Spot’ by /u/RowbotWizard

New Hangout Spot’ by /u/RowbotWizard is a cozy setup set by the window. It is assembled explicitly for streamers. The design is very simple and does not have any flashy lights. The complete setup is in calm and natural colors.

To calm down the vibes around the setup, it is accompanied by some plants above the desk. All the parts and their specifications are mentioned below.

  • CPU - Ryzen 7 3700X. An extremely potent processor, it runs at a frequency of 3600 Mhz and can achieve a maximum turbo frequency of 4400 Mhz. It has a 64-bot memory interface. It is one of the most favorite processors of professional gamers.
  • Monitors - 2x Samsung C27JG56. In this setup, both the monitors are the same in size and features. Both the monitors are 27-inch flat-screen with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. Even you play in 4k resolution, you won't ever experience any glitch on the screen.
  • GPU - EVGA RTX 2070 Super XC. It is a heavy-duty graphics card that can be overclocked at 1800 Mhz. The memory runs at a speed of 14 Gbps. It is built on the turning architecture.
  • PC case - NZXT H510i. The case is in matte white color, with a side made of dark black glass.
  • Cooler - NZXT Kraken X52.
  • Fan - Corsair LL120.
  • Keyboard - Logitech G915. It is a simplistic keyboard with no flashy lights or colors. It comes in plain black color to match the natural colors of the setup.
  • Mousepad - Steelseries.
  • Desk - Structube Samia Desk (150cm).
  • Monitor stand - North Bayou F160. Both the monitors are hanged on the same stand.
  • Speaker - Kanto YU2.
  • Microphone - Blue Yeti Blackout Edition w/ Pop Filter + NEUMA Microphone Stand. It is the part that makes it the right choice for steamers because of the external microphone. The microphone is arranged above the desk.
  • Chair - Sayl Chair.

This dual-monitor gaming setup is an allrounder in every aspect. Each part of the computer is perfectly synced and looks like one. The theme is super calm and relaxed with all-natural shades. The microphone is set like a recording studio, which makes it easier to record and stream without placing the microphone on the desk.

There is nothing that can be improved in this setup because it is already perfect. The only change that can be made in this setup is to change the color of the chair from blue to black. Just to match the vibes of the theme. Otherwise, it is perfect.


The gaming setups mentioned above are not serially arranged. All the designs are perfect in their way. It all depends upon your budget, your color preference, your vibes, and everything else. Choose the best gaming setup after considering your requirements. Be smart and choose smart.