The Best CPU Coolers for I9 10900k : Buying Guide

Published On: December 3, 2020 By Syed Fahim Anwer

Best CPU Cooler for i9 10900K - The best processor for gaming at the moment is the Intel Core i9-10900K. The top of the line gaming performance but also strong productivity performance is made possible by 10 cores, 20 threads, and high working frequencies. The 10900K is the best option at the moment if you want to build a strong gaming rig targeted at 1440p high refresh rate gaming. Let us help you with the best cooler for i9 10900k.

But in contrast to other CPUs, being the flagship CPU often means high power consumption and high operating temperatures. It also means that to keep the 10900K under regulation, you'll need the best coolers on the market. Also, make sure to pair the 10900K with a quality motherboard. In order not to be thermally throttled, you can combine this CPU with the best cooler for i9 10900k Air and AIO cooler systems.

But let's talk about a feature on Z490 boards that can drive the 10900K over the edge, increase average working times, and cause machine instability before we show picks for the best 10900K air and liquid coolers.

MCE Setting for Z490

A function available on Z490 boards is MCE (Multi-Core Enhancement). On CPUs, it eliminates TDP restrictions, allowing them to reach higher boost clocks and achieve better performance. But it also makes it highly power-hungry and very hot for CPUs such as the 10900K.

Now, MCE is switched on by default by most board manufacturers, with the only ASUS turning it off by default. They do it because, with those boards, it improves the performance of any CPU used. In addition, better performance out of the box means a greater position on analysis charts.

But by default, leaving MCE enabled will lead to a suite of problems. The most popular question is machine instability. While loading Windows, you might get BSOD, you might encounter all sorts of crashes, etc.

It is completely feasible to operate the 10900K with a high-end best cooler for i9 10900k. If you play too much game on your computer, then the CPU load will not go into the extreme territories as it does in reviews during torture tests. This means that with an air cooler and MCE switched on, you should be okay with running the 10900K. It's safer to get an AIO cooler if you intend to use the CPU mainly for work, with it running under heavy loads for prolonged periods of time.

Finally, we suggest the best cooler for i9 10900k for extreme overclocking. A perfect air cooler such as the Noctua NH-D15 or DeepCool Assassin III will achieve light to medium OC, but you will not be able to hit frequencies as high as when using an AIO cooler. It is doable, however, to hit 5.0GHz. As long as you're not using those torture exercises that last for an hour, working time will be okay.

And also, note that the CPU can draw less power than when using an AIO cooler with an air cooler and MCE on. With MCE on by working temps, boost frequencies are reduced. The greater the strength, the better the efficiency, and the greater the working time. Since air coolers have lower TDP ratings than AIO coolers, expect less power to be expended on the CPU and efficiency to be slightly lower. But only under severe circumstances, such as during torture tests. No output difference between an air-cooled and AIO cooled CPU should be seen in normal use.

The Best CPU Coolers for i9 10900K

Best Pick

The Noctua NH-D15 is cheaper and has a better performance than others.

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Best Alternative

The Assassin III from Deepcool is another big air cooler, it is closest to the NH-results.

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Best Budget Air Cooler

The Fuma 2 is an excellent choice if you're in the market for a budget air cooler to cool down your 10900K.

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Best AIO cooler for i9 10900K

The Arctic is known for strong budget coolers, and for the money, this AIO device offers amazing efficiency.

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Best AIO Budget Cooler

The EVGA CLC AIO cooler series provides outstanding cooling for a budget price along with RGB lights.

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Best Performing AIO cooler

The NZXT Kraken X63 is not the cheapest AIO cooler but is the best cooler for i9 10900k around, and it sells with high-end cooling efficiency for a mid-range price.

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Best RGB Cooler

The Corsair H115i RGB Platinum AIO liquid cooler should be tested by users who love RGB effects. It's bright, like New Year's Eve, and it supports all sorts of RGB effects.

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Best Silent AIO Cooler

This will be the best option right now if you need a silent AIO cooler and you don't care about the price.

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1. Noctua NH-D15 : Review

Best Pick

  • 2 highly optimised NF-A15 140mm fans
  • Low-Noise Adaptors
  • Automatic speed control

By picking up the legend, you can't go wrong. This is still the best air cooler on the market, and its efficiency can be reached by only a few other versions. Hell, the NH-D15 has better performance, being beaten only by the best 280mm and larger liquid coolers than some AIO cooling systems.

Recall that this cooler is massive if you want the DH-D15. It cannot suit any case inside and can have problems with tall RAM sticks. But if your case can host it and if the 10900K doesn't expect to hit the full possible overclock, the Noctua NH-D15 is the best air cooler on the market.

The Noctua NH-D15S could also be a great option if you intend on using the 10900K on stock clocks and without the MCE. It is cheaper and has only one fan, but it's very similar to its larger cousin's results. And if you don't like the classic, cream, and brown, the cooler's design gets the even better-looking with NH-D15 chromax—Black edition.


  • Runs quietly

  • Well rounded bundle

  • User-friendly mounting system

  • Excellent build quality

  • Outstanding cooling performance

  • No so many color options.

2. DEEPCOOL Assassin III : Review

Best Alternative

  • Dual 140mm performance fans
  • Custom screwdriver included
  • 280W TDP
  • Mirror-finish nickel cover

The Assassin III from Deepcool is another big air cooler, an air cooler that is the closest to NH-results. D15's for an air cooler that means amazing performance. That also implies a remarkable size and weight. The Assassin III is just another brick-like air cooler that weighs like a brick.

You'll get some difficulty while mounting this one inside your case, so get ready to sweat and swear. But once (and if) it works, it'll provide the 10900K with excellent and reasonably quiet cooling. Personally, we would choose the NH-D15 because it's already been a tried and tested solution for a number of years, but you won't make a mistake no matter which one you end up with. They're both superb air coolers.


  • Combat is huge improvement

  • New environments are so immersive

  • Naval warfare

  • Movement and combat issues are fixed

  • A lot of bugs

    • Hunting is underdeveloped

      • AI does not detect obvious sounds

        • Inconsistent

3. Scythe Fuma 2 : Review

Best Budget Air Cooler

  • Asymmetrical design
  • Easy-to-install
  • Dual heatsinks and fans
  • Premium HPMS III

For the price, the Scythe Fuma 2 is a superb air cooler. Although offering about the same efficiency, it sells for considerably less than high-end air coolers. The Fuma 2 is an excellent choice if you're in the market for a budget air cooler to cool down your 10900K.

On stock clocks, you'll be able to run the CPU, even add a humble overclock. Just note that, relative to Assassin III and NH-D15, the TDP rating of this cooler is lower. Without complications, you can use the 10900K at stock clocks, even light OC. Just do not make MCE and go crazy with the CPU's OCing.

The cooler is pretty big, too. When installing it, you may have some problems. But once you mount it, as long as you don't OC it and don't use MCE in conjunction with intense loads for long periods of time, the two fans will provide excellent output and should keep the 10900K pretty cool.


  • Fantastic performance

  • Extremely quiet

  • Solid build quality

  • Good memory clearance

  • Very Good Cooling Efficiency

  • Taller Compared To The Fuma

    • Lack of RGB

4. Dark Rock Pro 4 : Review

Best Silent Air Cooler

  • Funnel-shaped frame
  • Seven high-performance copper heat pipes
  • Airflow-optimized cooling fins
  • 2 silent Wings PWM fans

If you want silent bliss, be quiet with Dark Rock Pro 4! Another model that can come within spitting distance of the NH-D15 is a very capable air cooler. Also, during the usual workloads, the Dark Rock Pro is very quiet. Although delivering similarly impressive performance, it has about the same noise levels as the NH-D15.

The catch is that Dark Rock Pro 4 remains practically inaudible when the fan RPM is set to full, below (or above the NH-D15 when it comes to noise levels. Dark Rock Pro 4 also has a better build, arguably, and the cooler one is a little smaller than our first two suggestions. The only factor to consider is that the installation of this cooler is tricky. Be prepared while attempting to hook it up to your motherboard to spend some time swearing at it.


  • Noise levels

  • Exceptional performance

  • Top tier build quality

  • Improved mounting mechanism

  • Nice appearance

  • Large and heavy

    • Hangs over DIMM slots

      • Price

5. Scythe Big Shuriken 3 : Review

Best SFF air cooler

  • Asymmetric and offset design
  • Copper base and 5 heatpipe design
  • HPMS III spring-loaded mounting system
  • Kaze Flex 120 slim PWM fan

The Scythe Big Shuriken 3 is your best option if you want to build an SFF rig housed within a Mini-ITX case is the best cooler for i9 10900k. Only remember to turn off the MCE setting because if you don't restrict its power draw, the CPU will melt. Even don't just overclock the CPU; it's not made for low profile air coolers.

Large Shuriken 3 is excellent for low-profile coolers in terms of efficiency. If you intend to use an SFF PC for gaming and media consumption, even during long gaming sessions, the CPU can run at a safe time. The Noctua NH-L12S is the alternative to this cooler. This is another excellent cooler with a low profile. This one is just as good at cooling performance but is a little quieter as well.


  • Easy to install

  • Quiet operation during load

  • No clearance issues

  • A bit high price based on performance

    • Lack of RGB for the gamer

. ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II : Review

Best AIO cooler for i9 10900K

  • Additional 40 mm fan for VRM chips
  • Integrated cable management
  • Improved power efficiency

If you plan to use the 10th gen Intel flagship Processor for work and plan to overclock it when running the MCE setting allowed CPU, get an AIO cooling system. Even when it gulps more than 200W of fuel, they are more expensive but have more thermal space to control the 10900K.

We suggest 280mm and 360mm AIO coolers as the best cooler for i9 10900k because the 10900K can be very power hungry when overclocked. If you need the production but don't care much about noise, get a 280mm model. Get a 360mm AIO cooler if you want outstanding efficiency combined with low noise. On the market, there are plenty of strong AIO coolers, and we've found the five best 10900K AIO coolers.

An interesting commodity is the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II. The Arctic is known for strong budget coolers, and for the money, this AIO device offers amazing efficiency. If you choose to hit and go over the 5.1 GHz limit, it can keep the 10900K under control, and it also comes with a small 40 mm VRM fan that can reduce the temperature of VRM by a few degrees. It seems like a gimmick, but hey, it gives a noticeable advantage, so we're all right with it.

Selling for a highly affordable price is this AIO cooler. It doesn't have RGB lighting, but while offering the same if not better, efficiency, it costs much less than premium AIO systems. If you want outstanding results for a reasonable price and if you don't care about RGB, get this one.


  • Build quality

  • Almost inaudible fans

  • Affordable price

  • It doesn't have RGB lighting

. EVGA CLC : Review

Best AIO Budget Cooler

  • 240mm Dual Fan radiator
  • RGB LED's
  • Unique EVGA fan design
  • EVGA flow Control

The EVGA CLC AIO cooler series is now more costly than the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II, but RGB lighting does come with it. If you want outstanding cooling for a budget price, get the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II; if you want, outstanding cooling for a budget price but also want RGB, get the EVGA CLC.

Notice that with the EVGA CLC, there is not much RGB. You get the EVGA logo on the cover of the CPU, and that's pretty much it. The EVGA CLC is an outstanding AIO cooler for performance. It has better efficiency than NZXT and Corsair's higher-priced solutions, and that's all that matters to most users. Overall, for the Core i9-10900K, this is an outstanding AIO cooler that should make for excellent OC performance.

The Fractal Style Celsius S36 is another nice budget AIO refrigerator. It provides amazing performance for a 360mm liquid cooler along with a superb price. This one offers zero RGB effects, but its primary role is fantastic.

Also Check Best RGB CPU Waterblock


  • Excellent CPU cooling performance

  • Fits all Intel and AMD processors

  • Fully controllable RGB LED

  • 100% Copper base

  • Somewhat noisy

    • It will not easily fit inside smaller cases

      • A bit Expensive

. NZXT Kraken X63 : Review

Best Performing AIO cooler

  • Fine nylon mesh sleeves strengthen the rubber tubing
  • Compatible Socket & CPU
  • Bigger And Brighter
  • Larger infinity mirror ring LED

The NZXT Kraken X63 is not the cheapest AIO cooler but is the best cooler for i9 10900k around, and it sells with high-end cooling efficiency for a mid-range price. This is an outstanding liquid cooler overall that can cool the 10900K while allowing moderate to high overclocking.

Excellent lighting effects on the CPU cover are included in the RGB features, but that is almost it. Check out our next recommendation if you would like a full RGB lighting demonstration. When running at the default fan RPM, the X63 is fairly quiet, but if you intend to apply moderate to high overclocking, expect things to get a little noisy.

If you want low noise coupled with the Kraken X63's outstanding cooling efficiency, get the Kraken X73. This is the same cooler's 360mm variant that provides the same performance but lowers noise as well. The X73 is also noticeably more costly.


  • Impressive 7th Gen Asetek pump

  • Excellent performance with 280mm radiator

  • LCD infinity effect on the CPU block

  • Pricey

    • No direct fan control

. Corsair H115i RGB Platinum AIO : Review

Best RGB Cooler

  • Two 140 millimetre ML PRO Series RGB magnetic PWM Fans
  • Noise level is 37 dBA
  • Fan Speed is 2000 RPM
  • Corsair iCUE software allows you to control your cooler’s RGB lighting
  • A thermally optimized cold plate

The Corsair H115i RGB Platinum AIO liquid cooler should be tested by users who love RGB effects. It's bright, like New Year's Eve, and it supports all sorts of RGB effects. The output is pretty solid, even for those who plan to overclock the 10900K, nothing revolutionary but more than satisfactory.

The price is higher than for AIO solutions that come with or without minimal RGB features, but that's the price to pay for all those shiny products. Get the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II or EVGA CLC 280mm or 360mm model if you're just looking at results. But when it comes to RGB features, the best on the market is the Corsair H115i RGB Platinum.


  • Fit and Finish are the best

  • Simple installation procedure

  • Excellent RGB lighting functionality

  • Supports nearly all Intel and AMD sockets

  • No extra TIM for additional installations

    • Priced moderately higher than other

. Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB : Review

Best Silent AIO Cooler

  • Customizable RGB
  • 3 Low-Noise 120mm PWM Fans
  • Individual fan speeds
  • Zero RPM mode

The Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB coolers are pricey, but they deliver outstanding levels of noise. This will be the best option right now if you need a silent AIO cooler and you don't care about the price. Cooling efficiency isn't healthy, mind you. You can get a much more powerful AIO cooler for that cash.

But for others, silence is golden, and this AIO cooler is one of the quietest coolers on the market, in both the air and AIO divisions. You can get the Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB if you have the cash and if you want to run an overclocked 10900K without listening to the cooler.


  • Very good build quality

  • Exceptional clearance

  • Magnetic levitation fans

  • Aesthetics, RGB LEDs

  • Temperature Controlled RGB LED(Can Be Adjusted Manually)

  • High price

    • Corsair Link feels a bit cluttered

      • Very large

Buying guide for the Best CPU Cooler for i9 10900K

As stated, due to high power consumption, the core-i9 10th generation processor might have heating problems. For anybody, this will result in a problematic situation, and you are no different from that.

What's to be done?

It's okay not to know about the ideal solution to its heating problems because this processor is relatively new to the market. It's very natural to be in a fix for which to buy the CPU cooler.

Since the i9 10th gen is an overclockable processor, we have compiled a few guidelines to follow.

These tips will help you make the right choice when choosing the best cooler for i9 10900k:

Choose according to your system

You should look forward to purchasing the kind of cooler that best solves your dilemma.

If we categorize CPU coolers, there are primarily three kinds of coolers. They are—They are

• Coolers of Air
• Coolers with Closed-loop
• Custom or open-loop coolers
• All these particular types of coolers have their own characteristics to provide PC overheating solutions. Some of these offer simpler solutions by helping to optimize the system's efficiency.


Some of them have an optional soundless operation feature when cooling down components of the PC.

So it's up to you now to determine what you want most and which particular CPU cooler is best for your unlocked i9 chip.


The budget is very important for you in shaping the cooler's purchasing process. You need to set your goal on what you are up to before budgeting.

If you are looking to update your current cooler, then it should be easy to budget.

Or else, if you're up to buying a new cooler for a new system you're constructing, depending on your needs, the correct allocation is required.

Appropriate budgeting should be the highest priority in such situations. You wouldn't want to end up with the sort of CPU cooler that you chose in the first place in any case.

This incident would only result in money wastage, the money you should have invested in updating other components of the PC.

Check the ratings

The TDP rating is a critical factor to consider when choosing the correct cooler for your device. You can discover that each of them has a special rating when purchasing both the processor and the cooler.

Here's the kicker now:

Often purchase a cooler with a higher TDP rating than your processor's.

Purchasing the lower-rated cooler will never do the job you want. Even if the processor and cooler scores are nearly identical, it will still do an okay job.

Therefore if your strategy is to overclock regularly, then a higher-rated cooler is a must for you.


You can still look at the spec sheet you got when you bought the CPU before buying the best cooler for i9 10900k. It is safer to guarantee height and not spend cash on incompatible coolers.

Concerning the bulkiness of the cooler, the same issue you might face. Avoiding high-end air coolers is safer for you as it will get in the way of taller memory kits in your motherboard slots.

It said:

Also, the size of the radiator is something you should remember. The radiator sizes of the available coolers are variable, especially when it comes to liquid coolers. You can always review the spec sheet prior to purchase to see if your case will match the AIO cooler you need.

Sound level

In purchasing a cooler, the level of sound can be a determining factor for you. Not everybody needs the coolers, which just emphasizes that efficiency is enhanced.

It said:

If you're someone who mostly likes a comfortable atmosphere at home or in the workplace, then a cooler with a bigger fan is for you. Maybe you're wondering: Why is the fan's size under consideration? Okay, big fans tend to create less noise than smaller fans.

On the market, you can find coolers that are compatible only with certain CPU socket models. Although most manufacturers produce coolers, they keep a general form of the socket in mind.


You never know what could happen, too. Thus, make sure you have your spec sheet with you to know about the socket when buying.

The cooling guide

This depends on your intake. Both air cooling and water cooling have specialities and setbacks of their own.

Your processor is now the newest one available on the market. It is extremely overclockable and absorbs heat. The price that you paid for this is on the higher side as well. Obviously, the best choice that can keep your system safe should be selected.

As a process, water cooling is more efficient than that of Air or the conventional cooling system. But you could have budget limitations that could make water cooling a distant choice for you. In such a case: Opt for a conventional one for a bit.


It is always necessary for your PC to choose the best CPU cooler for i9 10900k, as it can determine the overall health and efficiency of the PC.

It's important for you to pick the right cooler for Intel core-i9 10900k. As it's a new release, you can find it difficult to choose the right one.

With the aid of which you can make a decision, we came up with few of the best CPU coolers for i9 10th gen available along with a buying guide. Even you can feel free to inquire in comments if something concerns you.

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